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Gold Hog Mini Highbanker Piglet


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Mini Gold Highbanker

The new “Piglet” Mini Gold Highbanker from GoldHog is the little unit that packs a BIG punch.

Don’t let its size fool you. It can keep up with the big boys.

 Also available with with optional extension, the unit comes complete as shown below.

The matting is included and is pre-made and ready to run. 

GoldHog Mini highbanker

Runs on small 1.5″ pumps or larger (and cheaper) 2″ semi-trash pumps.  See info on reducing pumps on the specs page.

Mini Highbanker running

Mini Highbanker running

Our unique destruction chamber header box destroys pay dirt and washes rocks fast.

Mini Highbanker Header box

Mini Highbanker Header box

mini gold highbanker fluid bed

Tmini gold highbanker fluid bed

The new flexible reverse riffle settles water, creates a gold capturing dead zone, and smooths out the water quickly.

This allows a short sluice to be more efficient.




Great on all sizes of gold and even that pesky fine gold.



The GoldHog mini highbanker out performs most mini highbankers 2-1.  It makes others feel like toys.  Run with the best, run with Gold Hog. Mini Highbanker, Fine gold highbanker, electric highbanker, small portable Highbanker, placer gold highbanker.


Why does the Piglet out perform others on the market?

A few things to think about….

It’s true that the Piglet mini makes other “minis” feel like toys.  That’s because over the years we have evolved it and design it to perform like a full-size piece of mining equipment.  We have worked with commercial ops from all over the world and have incorporated some of the best design and function into it. One KEY function is the header box washing system.

Most minis have the water enter via spray bars or the water enters near the TOP of the header box.  This FAILS to create a good washing and mixing action.  The Piglet has the water BLAST from the BOTTOM UP. This creates our unique destruction chamber which pounds rocks and dirt. Turning it into a slurry faster than any other unit in the market today.

Moving more VOLUME efficiently is one key to gold mining. With our new header design, you can pretty much just shovel paydirt directly into the box. It will handle large rocks up to roughly 3-4″.  Most minis can’t touch that. With MOST minis you have to classify to 1/2″ or even 1/8″. This is a SLOW process that kills your production rates.  Not with the Piglet.

Let’s face it, 36″ is a short sluice when it comes to mining. You have to have a system that is VERY efficient.  Our “flexible pooling flap” deadens the water which is screaming at a high velocity from the header into the top of the sluice. This “deadening pool” gets the slurry into a manageable flow VERY quickly.  it also creates a small fluid bed which is great for catching gold as well.

The mix of GoldHog mats allows for gold of all sizes to be exposed to varying capture zones. If certain gold doesn’t like one type of matting, it will find another it does.


Approx 36″ long and 8″wide.

Roughly 21 pounds with matting which is included.

Plumbing Size:
1.5″ fittings.

Product Code: piglet

Manufacturer: GOLD HOG


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