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Metzger Water Table, Miller Table


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​The Metzger Water Table, Miller Table is a Compact, Portable Water table! Fast Gold Recovery Unit!!

​It is self contained and very portable! You don't have to have a plastic tub with our unit.

​It is made of Stainless Steele and is light weight.​12" Long, 10 1/2" Wide, 6" Tall.

The Gold Recovery is second to none. When you usethe Metzger water table to recover your gold from the black sand you will be happy with the results.


All you need is a 12 Volt Battery (battery not included)  Then It is very easy to use! Just fill up the metal tank with water, turn on the pump, add a little jet dry to the water to break up any oils in the water. Then adjust the water flow with the valve, you reall don't even have to adjust the angle of the table because it is already the angle you need. Just make sure it is on a level surface and adjust only 2 of the legs for that. Then make sure your black sand is wet (so the surface tension of the water so it won't effect the gold recovery). Put a scoop of black sand at the top of the table, and then you will see the gold start showing up on the table. Then take your paint brush and fluff the sand and water.  The black sand will flow away your gold will stay put on the table. Take your brush sweep the gold on the good side of the table and then suck it up with your snuffer bottle once you sweep it into the catch pan that is removable for easy access to the gold to suck it up. 

​Watch this video to see this water table in action:



Product Code: mwtmt

Manufacturer: Metzger

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