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Desert fox Automatic panner.


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The Desert Fox spiral wheel has seven separate spirals which pick up gold seven times with each rotation of the wheel. All
seven spirals end at the center tube-shaft. The seven spirals dump gold into this tube-shaft and into a hanging gold catch-cup at
the other end. This method is far superior to other types of spiral wheels which do not pass the gold through the wheel into a
hanging cup. The Desert Fox wheel with it's pitch adjustment and water spray system, allows the operator to "tune out" the
black sand which is nearly always present with placer gold. Machines with a cup in the center of the wheel depend on the gold
displacing any black sand and the operator must splash water by hand to complete the clean up process. This type of machine is
much slower than the Desert Fox because it has only one spiral lead and the need to splash water by hand.
Another important feature exclusive with the Desert Fox is it's sealed ball bearing. Gold panning machines are subject to a
muddy water environment. All competetive machines have sleeve bearings and at least one has the bearing running under water.
The limited warranty on this type of machine is one year or less. The Desert Fox has a FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.


  • The Aqua Jet spray tube keeps the sand in the wheel in suspension so that the gold drops out faster.
  • The Tailings Tray catches 5 pounds of tailings to minimize time lost in case of an operator's mistake.
  • The Action Packer carrying case doubles as a water reservoir.
  • The bilge pump recirculates 3 gallons of water so that the machine can be used in dry areas.
  • The Desert Fox can be removed from the Action Packer and used directly in a stream.


You can go on You Tube and watch this video on the desert fox working:


Fill the tank with 3 gallons of water... Hook the clips to your 12-volt battery... Turn on the switch... The wheel starts to rotate
and water sprays from the spraybar... Add a scoop of sand every 20 seconds... The GOLD settles to the bottom and the seven
spiral leads pick it up and elevate it to the center hub where it passes through the hollow shaft into a GOLD catch cup! It is as
simple as that and so user-friendly that you will be an expert panner ten minutes after you have used the DESERT FOX for the
first time!

While the DESERT FOX is mainly a finishing machine used in conjunction with a sluice box or other concentrator, you can also
use it to prospect for GOLD. Simply set up the machine and take a few samples systematically and observe which samples
contain the most colors. Set up your concentrating equipment near the test hole with the best show of GOLD.

Product Code: desert fox

Manufacturer: Camel Mining

Stock Level: 9999982


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